Q: Is PRYZ a MEME Coin?

A: PRYZ is NOT a MEME Coin, we are a long term project with big aspirations.

Q: Why is PRYZ not listed on other Exchanges except from Pancake Swap?

A: The reason for this is a lot of exchanges (most) cannot handle the 2% Fee distribution system we have in place which provides additional to all holders whenever a buy/sell/move takes place. If any exchanges are able to handle this distribution we would be happy to discuss a listing opportunity.

Q: What is the PRYZ Incubator?

A: The PRYZ Incubator is similar to a launchpad in which we help new Tokens through the Pre-sale / launch process and provide a wide range of services. This initiative promotes the PRYZ Token and we also Airdrop a certain amount of the Incubator Clients Tokens to our PRYZ Holders.

Q: Why is the Token on BSC and Not the Ethereum Network

A: The Simple Answer is Gas Fees. Currently the Gas Fees for buying and selling the token are considerably lower on Binance Smart Chain than on Ethereum. Once Ethereum improves on this aspect we will consider a migration.

Q: How do I Enter the Airdrops?

A: Airdrop Entry is Automatic but is based on the number of tokens you hold. We have a Tier System Launching will will determine the % of the PRYZ Pot you can win. Prior to the Tier System, as long as you hold over 500,000 PRYZ Tokens when the snapshot is taken you will be entered automatically.