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Empowering Holders

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What is PRYZ?

PRYZ Rocket

PRYZ is the first of its kind, next-generation launchpad for upcoming cryptocurrency projects. Investors who hold our native token PRYZ have the opportunity to invest in new and exciting projects ahead of the general public, also known as “Presales”. 

PRYZ is deployed on the Polygon Network to provide our investors all of the benefits of the Ethereum Network while also having the additional scalability, speed of transactions and smaller gas fees that are associated with a layer 2 scaling solution. Going forward PRYZ will be bridged to other networks and the Polygon network offers the required multi-chain flexibility required to complete this.

Why Choose PRYZ?

Our vision is to revolutionise the IDO format and empower our holders with guaranteed access to the most exclusive opportunities available on any blockchain. No lottery, no luck required, if you meet the entry criteria you are whitelisted.

PRYZ empowers projects and enables them to unlock their full potential by using our tried and tested Incubation formula. Full access to our extensive network of experienced developers and team of dedicated staff here to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Why Choose PRYZ

Empowering Holders

Our tier system is designed to offer you opportunities in the PRYZ community. Features and bonuses are available on vesting your PRYZ tokens, at the token value when locking. Keep coming back to see the latest and greatest updates.

tiers are subject to change upon the growth of the PRYZ ecosystem and completed incubator

Completed Incubators

Onino 100%

8 January 2022

1400 BNB

Liquidus 100%

2 October 2021

872.29 BNB